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You must agree to the following terms and Coast To Coast Transporters, LLC's Carrier Agreement before the load will be dispatched to you.
Driver must complete the inspection sheet(s) and all other documentation provided for each vehicle and obtain signatures and printed names of the customer at pickup and delivery for payment.
Coast To Coast Transporters, LLC must be contacted immediately by a representative of your company if a vehicle will not load or drop on the dates specified above or in the event of damage.
Driver must contact the origin location for pickup scheduling as soon as possible. Driver must also contact the destination location for delivery scheduling as soon as possible.
Rate information must not be shared with customers.
Driver must verify all vehicle information. If there are any discrepancies, contact Coast To Coast Transporters, LLC immediately at 833-222-0013.
Do not load unauthorized vehicles.
No third-party brokering.
A 10% penalty may be charged to your company if these conditions are not met.

You'll receive a copy of this form by e-mail. It will be your rate confirmation as long as the information matches the post on Central Dispatch for this order.

I understand and agree to the above terms, the terms of payment, and the carrier agreement.

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